Within my practice, and, in everyday life, I use language, object and scent as ways of reconnecting spirit, mind and body into one holistic unit. In this way, the audience is invited to become more aware of their body`s physical response to a spiritual experience they have in their hectic lives. The aim is to draw their attention to the fact that by changing their attitude towards external experiences, their body tension will substantially decrease. 

My work carries a message, that spirit, mind and body are one unity, where all three elements co-depend and interconnect with each other shaping our physical, mental and emotional experience.


​Objects and language, spoken and written, act as an extension of one another, creating a network of associations, combining rational and irrational to access viewer`s body on a physical level through spiritual experience. Experimenting with a variety of formats when showing my work, I explore both embodied and disembodied approach engaging with the audience physically and digitally, in a gallery environment and beyond. 

In spoken text, its rhythm and metaphors are used to create imagery and associations, acting like a visualisation meditation reflected in the visual language of the sculptural part of the installation and in written, color of the font and background are employed to materialise something immaterial such as aroma and chakra energy.

The visual connections are drawn with commercial office posters and symbols used on Instagram, such as a hashtag.

An urge of a stressed city dweller to relax while unable to do that fully is expressed through a physical manipulation of the objects such as cushions that associate with relaxation, making them stressed by tying them to each other with strings and making knots in them, sowing through them.

By juxtaposing a notion of comfort with a narrative of urban living defined by stress and fatigue, and adding an aroma of lavender, a space of harmony, balance and calm is created.

Four out of five human senses - vision, hearing, smell and touch are triggered, made conscious and participate in audience`s experience through my installations.

These senses are manipulated through the use of headphones or a speaker and audio versus typed text, where certain senses become dormant and the others hightened. 

The text, especially in slogans, also contains a juxtoposition of the opposites- a therapy of humour is used to talk about issues that associate with pain and stress to then change audience`s attitude towards them


My background as a spa therapist and yoga practitioner forms a base of my research, which is put in a context of fine art. 

The work aims to create a safe space for meditation within the public space and bridge fine art world with holistic world to create an inner experience within the environment normally bombarded by images and external stressors.

As an artist, yoga practitioner and a holistic therapist, I believe that we are spiritual beings inhabiting the body and that through our consciousness, we create our bodies and overall well-being.